Islamic Economy Prospect & Outlook

The outlook for Islamic economy remains bullish and spending is forecasted to grow to US$4.8 trillion by 2023 driven by the fastest growth and youngest Muslim populations, stronger investments and rising trade in Islamic products.

The Islamic economy has shown it is in tune with the latest developments in technology and investment. Companies have adopted blockchain technology for payments, to confirm halal compliance, or track food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products from the manufacturing facility to the retailer. In Islamic finance, blockchain and automation is expanding access to financial services.


Technology Potential in the Islamic Economy

Halal Compliance

Blockchain promises to make halal compliance more traceable , and products more easily traded. Across halal products,the technology can quickly confirm halal compliance at each stage of the production, such application can eliminate fraud, and with support from regulators, can raise the market perception of halal relative to other certifications within the food industry.

Islamic Finance

Islamic finance can embrace technology thereby positioning itself at the forefront of ethical finance. Blockchain and automation can play a transformational role in making Islamic finance more accessible to a broader audience. Historically, Islamic finance required more onerous transaction structuring and verification processes, which has resulted in higher financing costs. Blockchain solves this by enabling the use of ‘smart contracts’ which can automatically enforce contractual terms, thereby substantially reducing costs.

Furthermore, the application of machine learning promises to automate back office processes, making Islamic finance institutions more profitable and competitive, with a broader set of digital features to enhance user experience, spanning the acceptance of crypto payments, as well as allowing contactless payments.

aCOIN Enables Islamic Economy

aCOIN will enable the advancement of a new, high growth and sustainable Islamic ecosystem encompassing these components. Each of these components will serve the fast growing, and largely untapped and underserved Islamic economy thereby providing multiple streams of unique, high revenue and profit growth; translating to sustainable returns for aCOIN holders. The returns would be in terms of sustainable staking rewards from profits generated as well as appreciation in value of the coins. Going forward, plans are in place to also introduce A-Exchange as well as expansion into other Islamic related industries.

- Islamic Ecosystem Components -

The world’s first and only high-tech brick and click retailer focusing on premium quality Halalan Toyyiban products and services.


The world’s first globally circulated Islamic stable coin backed by real assets (gold).


A crypto-fiat currency wallet, payment gateway and a backend-exchange.


The strategic foundational technology for A-Ecosystem that aims to provide comprehensive Islamic blockchain applications for enterprises.



aCOIN will be investing within the Islamic ecosystem and other Islamic related industries. It will invest in fast growing, and largely untapped and underserved Islamic economy, thereby providing multiple streams for unique high revenue and profit growth; translated into sustainable returns for aCOIN holders.

Sustainable returns for aCOIN holders

aCOIN and the entire new Islamic ecosystem will be managed by Ababil Capital Group (“Ababil”). Ababil is an international asset management company specialising in new, high growth and sustainable Islamic investment management worldwide.

Ababil to invest in High-Tech Retail focusing on Halalan Toyyiban (no competitors), Dinar (Islamic Stable Coin), Pay (E-Wallet & Payment Gateway), Chain (Islamic Blockchain) Other Islamic related industries.

All profits made by Ababil’s investment will be distributed as staking rewards to aCOIN holders.

Issued by Ababil Capital Group Ltd.

Total 1.5 billion fixed amount


aDINAR, the world’s first globally circulated Islamic stable coin (Utility Coin) backed by gold and/or Fiat currency. Its mission is to provide the financial infrastructure required for the economic development of the Halal industry, reduce the circulation cost of Halalan Toyyiban products & services and promote a borderless currency for the world.

aDINAR will be circulated within the A-platforms with more than 5 billion potential customers for micro-transactions (Buyers, sellers, manufacturers, business partners and associates) as well as in other conventional Halal retail platforms such as at Starbucks, Coffee Bean etc in future.

Blockchain-based, secured, scalable and reliable, open sourced.

Backed by gold and/or Fiat currency, regularly audited by reputable auditors and published.

Governed independently by the aDINAR Foundation with a mission to promote the development of the A-Financial Ecosystem.

aDINAR Reserve

A stable coin (Utility Coin) backed by gold and Fiat currency

A stable coin (Utility Coin) backed by gold and/or Fiat currency, aDINAR is a stable cryptocurrency and will be made available by the cryptocurrency trading platform that buys and sells aDINAR.

aDINAR is 100% backed by our reserves, which includes cash equivalents. aDINAR is also a 1:1 pegged to 1USD (1 aDINAR = 1 USD or equivalent value EUR, SGD, YEN, GBP etc). The value of reserves will be published daily and audited quarterly. The value of the reserves will match or exceed the value of all aDINAR in circulation.

Accepted currencies to purchase aDINAR : BTC, ETH, USDT

aDINAR Blockchain

A decentralized Halal currency system

aDINAR's goal is to create a decentralized Halal currency system for the global Halal economy and meet the daily needs of billions of consumers.

Scalable Architecture: Supports the management of the aDINAR ecosystem and the addition of subsequent developments and innovations.

High Security: Secure storage of gold and financial data.

High TPS: Supports the large volume of users and transactions throughout the ecosystem with a low latency, efficient and high-capacity storage system.

aDINAR Blockchain innovatively utilises a two-later chain mechanism on its main chain: aDINAR and aCOIN.

aDINAR Nodes

aBLOCKCHAIN consists of three types of nodes:

Master Node: Master Nodes consists of Islamic companies, non-profit organizations, multilateral organizations, etc from different regions. There will be more than 30+ master nodes at the beginning allotted to founders, who will also become aDINAR foundation members. Subsequently, 200+ participants will join the network in the following 1 year to accelerate transactions. Also mast nodes can assign a representative to be a member of the aDINAR Foundation, allowing joint management of aDINAR.

Peer node: Any computer can be a participant to ensure decentralisation.

Reservation node: Meets the reserve regulatory requirements, promotes the reserve and its liquidity.


aPAY aims to promote the utilization of aCOIN and aDINAR in the aECOSYSTEM, by building a platform that provides solutions for time, speed, cost and scalability.


    The aPAY wallet is a secure storage of fiat and/or cryptocurrencies. It is a multicurrency wallet that supports both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. The wallet is accessible from both web browsers and mobile apps. Users are able to send and receive funds to and from user wallets in an ultra-fast, secure user interface. The wallet is seamlessly linked to a debit card as discussed in the following section. Any transactions made with the debit card will be reflected in the wallet in real-time. Users can also see the value of crypto assets in fiat currency like USD, EURO, RMB etc.

aPAYMENT Gateway

    Similar to other online payment gateways, aPAY offers a payment gateway for merchants that can be used to accept customer payments from fiat & cryptocurrencies instantaneously. This allows the merchants to reach out to new customers from the crypto market. aPAY will provide the tools and technical guidance to easily integrate and customize the payment gate-way with popular e-commerce platforms. The gateway will support over ten popular fiat & crypto-currencies and will expand to include more. The money earned through sales is received and held in the merchant’s wallet in real-time with an option to directly withdraw into a selected bank account in a selected fiat currency or swapped into another crypto-currency of the merchant’s choice.

Backend Currency Exchange

    aPAY has a backend exchange to seamlessly change fiat & crypto currency for its users. aPAY’s protocols enable the swapping of crypto-currencies instantaneously. Any user can exchange BTC, USDT, ETH, Fiat Currency, aDINAR and aCOIN instantaneously at the market rate. This makes aPAY viable as an exchange platform.

    aPAY makes the swaps with the support of the API of the backend exchange. With a higher level of liquidity through the pooling facilitators, aPAY offers the most competitive rates in the market for swapping cryptocurrencies. All the cryptocurrencies supported by the aPAY debit card will also be available for the swap option.


“aCHAIN” is the strategic foundational technology for the aECOSYSTEM which aims to provide comprehensive Islamic blockchain applications for enterprises. aCHAIN will utilise blockchain in areas such as retail, product certification, fintech, logistics and digital technology, encouraging wide adoption and rapid deployment of its blockchain applications for enterprises in its ecosystem, thereby lowering the costs of blockchain technology; providing credible and trusted enterprise-level blockchain services.

The first five blockchain applications will be created by leveraging on A-Chain’s underlying technology and integrating it with aECOMMERCE in the aECOSYSTEM.


Product Certification

The convergence of Halal certification and blockchain technology can effectively addresses the issue of commodity safety. A network of nodes will be established with manufacturers, distributors, logistics companies, retailers, government regulatory and certification agencies, and through logistical technology, increase the efficiency of assignment and data collection. Information on raw materials, production, processing, warehousing, logistics and retailers will be stored on the blockchain network and will be synchronised to various nodes and cannot be altered unilaterally. The information on the entire chain is maintained and governed by a distributed ledger where the information provided is transparent with its source authenticated.



aBLOCKCHAIN Logistics will integrate logistics and the flow of information via blockchain and electronic digital signature technology. The application will utilise online logistics receipts to facilitate the development of digitised logistics documents and through blockchain technology, create a low-cost and trusted logistic supply chain collaboration platform to ensure standardised operations. Blockchain distributed ledgers and electronic digital signatures will be key in building efficient synergies for entities within the logistics supply chain.


Credibility Information System

The aPLATFORM credibility information system ensures authenticity of users and enterprises. It provides identity and credibility authentication services for all applications in the ecosystem and at the same time correlates enterprise and client information. In addition, the system will authenticate the identity of users entering the aBLOCKCHAIN system, issuing a unique certificate and tag when writing and reading data on the chain. With blockchain technology, the system is also able to correlate users with business performance, converting this information into data, which is then used as a basis for credibility information. This credibility data will be increasingly comprehensive as the available data grows.



Through blockchain technology, Aladdin will improve the efficiency of asset securitisation, lower the cost and overall risks of participating parties, create a comprehensive blockchain-based supply chain financial system and enhance the effectiveness of transfer of creditor rights. The smart contract technology will automate trade transfers and reduce time costs. Banks and financial institutions can also provide inquiry services for the present value of digital assets at the time of transfer.


Value Network

Electronic points are widely used as a form of digital rights. The electronic points issuing platform is based on a centralised database where security and stability is of the utmost importance. The information used for asset circulation and the confidentiality of transactions depends largely on the trust conferred by users to the asset circulation platform.

Team & Advisors

Ababil is helmed by a global team of highly experienced, skilled and reputable leaders and subject matter experts within the Islamic world in areas such as finance, technology, entrepreneurship, economy, ecommerce, retail, law, etc. They bring along with them a solid track record of leadership and success in their respective careers and fields.  


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